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Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy we work to incorporate social aspects into our company's business model to make a positive impact on the social and economic conditions of the society. We invest in initiatives and projects that support the local Ababda people so they are more empowered and resilient. Our work with the local community has resulted in developing their skills, creating jobs, increasing investments, improving local people's access to tourism business, improving income for women and family, reducing gender gap, enhancing livelihood conditions, improving access to water and education among other benefits. For more details about our CSR work with the local community, please visit www.abughosoun.org

Nature Conservation

Gorgonia Resort is located in the Southern area of the Red Sea Governorate in Egypt, just by Wadi el Gemal National Park, one of the most beautiful national parks in the country. As we love and respect nature, we have developed our Nature Conservation Strategy to ensure the sustainable use of our environment; its habitats, ecosystems and natural resources. We mobilize resources and take all necessary steps so we can meet our conservation targets. Our Conservation Team is full of enthusiasm to put scientific knowledge into planned measures and actions through the following programs: Gorgonia Ecotourism Visitor Center, Education and Citizen Science Program, Reef Management Program, Marine Conservation Research, and Clean-up Campaigns. We coordinate and cooperate with all relevant and interested individuals and organizations so we can gather and align conservation efforts.

Sustainable Development

We believe that sustainable tourism practices and ethical hotel development (that connects social, cultural and economic factors) are vital factors for both the long-term preservation of culture and the social-economic stability of the Resort’s host community. With this considered, our hotel plays a vital role in setting up viable operational practices as well as educating consumers on sustainable behaviors. To address sustainability in our business, we work to address the four main pillars: human, social, economic and environment. Our Sustainability Strategy is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It provides guideline for our hotel to compartmentalize each of our major operational functions (i.e. housekeeping, sales and marketing, client service, waste management, etc.) and how can we adjust our current practices accordingly. Our team is dedicated to achieve our SGDs Key Performance Targets (KPIs).