An Italian story

The Gorgonia Beach Resort is an all-Italian resort. Our company, based in the province of Verona, in the area of Lake Garda in northern Italy, chose in 2008 to build and directly manage the 5-star Resort on an area of thirty hectares, at the entrance to the Wadi El Gemal National Park, south of Marsa Alam. The Resort’s strategic and exclusive location has guided the company towards a conscious business choice that respects the environment and the local population.
The hotel’s structure reflects that search for well-being and contact with nature: very large spaces, with at least 400 square metres of space available per guest so that everyone can enjoy pure nature and the reef in total freedom.
It is no coincidence that our symbol is the Gorgonia, a type of coral chosen to represent our care and interest in environmental preservation and sustainability.
Italian style and hospitality combine with the wonders of the Red Sea to offer an unforgettable holiday. As proof of this is we have many guests returning year after year for their holidays at the Gorgonia Beach Resort, even several times during the year.
Our company has received several international certifications to recognise our hotel quality and environmental initiatives.


Sustainable management

We are convinced that sustainable tourism practices and the ethical development of a hotel, capable of linking social, cultural, and economic factors, are vital factors for the long-term preservation of culture and for the socio-economic stability of the community hosting the Resort.
For this reason, our Resort has an active role in establishing operational practices of environmental sustainability and educating tourists to adopt behaviours that respect the environment and natural resources. A small example: our Clean Up “game” involves guests cleaning up the beach from the rubbish, mostly plastic, that the sea throws ashore.

Gorgonia Beach Resort



Blue Reef Resort – Marsa Alam

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Blue Reef Resort