Gorgonia Beach Resort is a model of sustainable tourism

The motto of the Gorgonia Beach Resort is to offer a holiday immersed in unspoilt nature while respecting the land and the people who host us. These are the foundations for a truly sustainable tourism. Therefore, the Resort has committed itself to promote concrete practices and educating tourists to adopt sustainable behaviour to make it sustainable over time.
Recycling, reuse and recovery of natural resources, tours and experiences with a low environmental impact, respect for the local population with whom working relationships have been established, leading to cultural enrichment on both sides: these are some of the guidelines to allow everyone to live a holiday in freedom and in contact with a unique nature.

Gorgonia Beach Resort


Protecting the biodiversity of the Red Sea

Gorgonia Beach Resort si trova nella zona meridionale del Governatorato del Mar Rosso in Egitto, proprio all’ingresso del Wadi el Gemal National Park, uno dei parchi nazionali più belli ed estesi del Paese. Poiché amiamo e rispettiamo la natura, abbiamo sviluppato la nostra strategia di conservazione della natura per garantire l’uso sostenibile del nostro ambiente, i suoi habitat, ecosistemi e risorse naturali. Mobilitiamo le risorse e prendiamo tutte le misure necessarie per raggiungere i nostri obiettivi di conservazione attraverso: Centro visitatori per l’ecoturismo di Gorgonia Beach, Programma di educazione e divulgazione, Programma di gestione della barriera corallina, Ricerca sulla conservazione marina e Campagne di pulizia clean-up.
Coordiniamo e cooperiamo con tutti gli individui e le organizzazioni pertinenti e interessati in modo da poter raccogliere ed allineare gli sforzi di conservazione.

Our Resort is located in the southern part of Egypt’s Red Sea Governorate, right at the entrance to the Wadi El Gemal National Park, one of the country’s most beautiful and extensive national parks. This privileged location must be preserved and protected, which is why the Gorgonia Beach Resort has implemented a series of procedures to minimise the environmental impact of the activity, such as recycling wastewater, organizing clean-ups etc.
We are also committed to protecting the ecosystem and raising staff and guests’ awareness of a sustainable experience in harmony with nature. The Resort has a ecotourism visitor centre, an education and outreach programme, a coral reef management and protection programme, we also support marine conservation research and implement clean up campaigns  in which we actively involve resort guests in cleaning the beach.

abu ghosoun community ababda


Sustainable development

The Gorgonia Beach Resort is part of an area that is home to a millennial cultural and social community. Our activity wants to integrate with the local community and be a resource of development and well-being for the latter. We have been working since the beginning to implement initiatives and projects to support the local population, the Ababda, with courses to develop new skills, create jobs, improve income for women and families, access to water and access to education.
To find out more about all the activities supported by our company, visit the NGO Abu Ghosoun Community Development Association website : www.abughosoun.org