On this excursion, you will discover that the desert is not so deserted after all, that the apparent monotony of the landscape is full of evocative and unexpected views, traces of animals and plant species that have specialised in surviving in this rather hostile environment. You will enjoy a unique panorama from the top of El Talayee, from which the Ababda chieftain controlled his territory.

Discover the magic of the desert in the company of its inhabitants, the Ababda Bedouins.

After a walk of about three hours, from the top of El Talayee, you will enjoy a view that will repay the slight effort: the view at sunrise ranges from the Red Sea, with its islands, to the desert plain, furrowed by the beds of ancient rivers, to the mountain ranges in the background.

What you need

Sneakers or walking shoes, sunglasses, sun cream, cap or something to protect the head from the heat, a backpack.


Route 8km, the difference in altitude 160m.

Meeting place and time

Communicated at the time of booking.


About 3 hours of walking, about 1 hour for explanations and various breaks, and enjoying the scenery.

Who it is aimed at

Adults and young people over 10 years of age.

Services offered

Breakfast at the main restaurant, starting 20 minutes before the meeting time; the walk is led by a nature guide and guides from the local Ababda Bedouin community; water, soft drinks and jabana (Bedouin coffee).

Extra Services

Hiking poles hire.

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