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Discover the fantastic coral reef.

Our diving center is located directly across from the beach and the resort’s jetty. In addition to unlimited access from the jetty, guests can easily reach the most beautiful diving spots both north and south of the Resort from the Diving Center, with over thirty weekly optional destinations. TGI makes it possible for guests to enjoy a 26-meter boat in the port of Marsa Alam, two boats of respectively 24 and 26 meters in the port of Hamata, as well as daily trips from the beach and on rafts.

You will not want to miss the encounters with the glorious coral fauna. Turtles, dolphins, morays and large pelagic fish swim undisturbed in pristine coral gardens and along reefs that plunge to great depth. Guests have at their disposal a large fleet of high-end “Mares” equipment for snorkeling and diving, a reception, a well-stocked boutique, rinsing tanks, a comfortable swimming pool, and a classroom equipped with modern AV systems, in addition to a relaxation area with fresh and hot drinks, and a lab room to connect your device and watch photos and videos.

The Nitrox membrane compressor allows certified divers to enjoy daily dives with a mixture of up to 32%. The Diving Center (SSI Center Diamond Center) awards all types of SSI international diving licenses, from the basic level to Open Water Diver and Dive Control Specialist. Furthermore, the Diving Center offers Discover Scuba sessions in the swimming pool at no charge, in addition to the possibility of a "sea baptism” for complete beginners, and a wide variety of specialty licenses for the more experienced divers ".

Discover a fantastic worldDIVING and SNORKELING

Gorgonia Beach is located in an ideal geographical area for the following dives


Diving from the beach ramp of Gorgonia Beach Resort - Marsa Alam.
All levels
The coral reef of Gorgonia Beach offers one of the most fantastic spectacles of Egypt’s entire southern coast. Plateau and coral gardens alternate in an explosion of colors, teeming with fish of every size and breed: from carangidae to barracuda, from moray eels to turtles, including the sly coral groupers resting under table corals. Sea eagles and anemones with clown fish.

Guided diving available (the initial dive-check orientation is mandatory) or using the buddy system; the minimum license required for this dive is OWD. To dive without a guide, you must have logged 20 dives.


Beach dive.
All levels - Suitable for accompanying snorkelers.
The only admirable wreck in this area of southern Egypt is that of a merchant ship now taken over by coral fauna. A maximum depth of 18 meters makes it suitable for divers of all levels. The second dive is to admire the beautiful reef, which terminates at two satellite atolls rich in fauna and corals.


Beach dive.
All levels - Ideal for accompanying snorkelers
This bay with a sandy entrance will lead you to a wall on the north side that plunges 25 meters before rising again to a "carpet" of garden eels at a depth of around 17 meters. The northern side is rich in Acropora, which makes it an excellent spot for sighting crocodile fish, shrimp, and nudibranchs. You will be charmed by its many pinnacles teeming with glassfish and lionfish on the hunt.


Excursion with a minimum number of participants.
Wall/Drift Dive – Advanced Open Water Diver
A minimum 50 logged dives required.

This stunning reef stretches for more than a mile from north to south, and is situated about three miles from the coast. It has one plateau to the north and one to the south, with two walls that plunge into the deep blue. The continuous exposure to strong currents has turned this reef into an explosion of life and color; a must-see for every diver. These pristine waters are also home to corals of all species (such as the huge fans of gorgonians, octocorals and black corals) in addition to hosting many reef fish. This dive is suitable only for divers with an advanced certificate. Safety buoy mandatory; minimum number of participants required.


Dive from the beach of Gorgonia Beach Resort - Marsa Alam.
All levels
In addition to soft corals and other octocorals, this bay located to the north of Gorgonia Beach offers us the chance to see the famous dugongs, as well as giant green turtles, moray eels, Napoleon fish and stone fish, all within a reef that gradually emerges from a very light, sandy plateau.


Full day - 2 Boat dives.
All levels - Dive and/or snorkeling
Embarking in the early morning, after a two-hour boat ride south towards Hamata, we reach atolls in the area preceding Berenice, a well-known resting point for diving cruises. We will dive at the famous Sataya Reef and meet the dolphins that live there and that are admired by divers and snorkelers alike.


Full day / Half day Diving and/or snorkeling.
Starting from Hamata Marina, it is a short trip along the coast. We will visit these beautiful islands that are surrounded by coral gardens. Because they are perfectly protected from waves and currents, they offer snorkeling and diving with a unique panoramic view. The tour is available as a full-day excursion on board our comfortable boat, or as a half-day excursion with the Zodiac.


Full day, 2 boat dives.
All levels - Diving and/or snorkeling.
The Fury Shoals atolls are among the Red Sea’s most well-known reefs. Normally accessible only through weekly cruises, the most famous points of the Fury Shoals can now be visited on a day drip on board the TGI boat from Hamata Port. Reefs such as Abu Galawa, Shaab Claudio and Shaab Maksour have extraordinary diving sites that teem with marine life of all sizes and shapes, with the incredible colors of soft and hard corals and all of the reef fish. Thanks to its external position and warm temperatures, the reef abounds with large pelagic fish, schools of barracuda and giant migratory tuna. The reef sharks, of course, are stable residents of the reef and, with a bit of luck, hammerhead and whitetip sharks can be seen in certain times of the year.

Professional instructors

Make your vacation unforgettable


BUBBLEMAKER (Let's make bubbles ..)
For all well-behaved kids over the age of 8 on a quest for fun and adventure, the TGI Diving Center SSI has an extraordinary surprise in store: the Bubblemaker experience! This fun-filled program opens the door to an unforgettable underwater adventure.


When you discover the underwater world, you discover the allure of adventure, freedom and serenity as you breathe underwater. You will enter a new world where gravity no longer has effect, and where you can "fly" weightlessly over incredible landscapes. Only divers can experience these feelings.
Duration: 1 day
Dives: 1


SSI Scuba Diver program. This is a pre-entry level certification that is perfect for vacationers or those planning to dive only a couple of times a year. The course includes: three theory sessions, three confined water dives (pool or lagoon) and two open-water dives. The SSI Scuba Diver certification allows you to dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters; during your next vacation or trip to diving sites, you can dive under the direct supervision of a Divemaster, an Assistant Instructor, an Instructor, or a higher level SSI professional.
Duration: 2 days
Divers: 2


The Open Water Diver certification is your ticket to a lifetime of intense adventure and fun. You will learn the basic concepts and techniques of diving, including immersion equipment and techniques. As a certified Open Water Diver, you can dive independently with another diver who holds an equal or higher certification to a maximum depth of 18 meters without the supervision of an instructor.
Duration: 4 days
Divers: 4


Our Diving Center also offers the Advanced Open-Water Diver program. To achieve this certification, you must have first completed five "adventure" dives. After these five dives, you will have gained further experience and skills to expand your dives. At the same time, you will have also acquired greater knowledge of the underwater environment.
Duration: 2/3 days
Dives: 5


Boost your experience and choose to improve your skills in 4 different specialties (Enriched Air Nitrox, night diving, depth, navigation, etc.). Become an Advanced Open-Water Diver and break through more frontiers!
Duration: 2/3 days.
Dives: 5
Minimum experience: Open Water with 12 logged dives


The main purpose of the SSI Stress and Rescue Program is to help you gain the ability to avoid emergencies and learn how to manage them. At our dive center, it is easy and fun to develop your knowledge and skills in order to become a rescue diver. This program is a very important step in terms of your diving career and experience. The SSI Stress and Rescue course prepares you to prevent underwater accidents, both minor and serious accidents, as well as how to use various techniques in order to manage any emergencies that you may be unable to avoid. What you learn here will improve your skills, your confidence, and prepare you to take the next steps to become a Master Scuba Diver and a Divemaster.
Duration: 4 days

Diving into the deep blue

Indulge in the experience of apnea

Free Diving is currently one of the most popular water sports.

Apnea techniques are simpler than you might think; they allow you to experience the sensation of total freedom of movement, to interact with marine life and, as many dream, to swim with dolphins.

If you are not an experienced free diver, you can take one of the courses organized and promoted byTGI. For the more experienced divers, we offer a number of courses and programs that have been developed under the guidance of the technical manager Gianluca Genoni.


This course introduces the various aspects of free diving. It is a great way to assess your suitability for diving certification.


An introduction to the purest form of diving: you will learn breathing techniques and familiarize yourself with diaphragmatic breathing. The SSI level 1 course is suitable for acquiring the correct techniques to dive up to 20 meters (60 feet) in the safest and most relaxed way.


The SSI level 2 course provides greater knowledge about the apnea reflex of mammals, and how to respond to it. You will learn new and advanced equalization techniques and training methods that will help you break the 20-meter (60-foot) limit and develop the skills to free dive to a depth of up to 30 meters (90 feet).


The apex of the SSI free-diving program (level 3) takes you to a depth of 40 meters (120 feet). Diving well below the residual volume of the lungs, this is a specialized course for deep free-diving.

Access to the sea

Modern and well-equipped

The jetty is located directly across from the Diving Center, allowing easy access to the sea beyond the coral reef via two platforms located at different heights with respect to the sea, and two comfortable ladders that allow for entry into the water. IMPORTANT: For divers with reduced mobility, a lift (with a chair and a 24V electric motor) is available. Additional diving services are also available for divers, including cylinder deposit and weights, always conveniently ready to be used by our guests. On the jetty, qualified emergency personnel and a rescue motorboat are always standing by in case of an emergency.


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