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The climate of Marsa Alam is typical of a desert. We are situated in the tropics, and there are basically two seasons: a hot summer and a mild winter. In this area of ​​the Red Sea there is sunshine all year round, rainfall is essentially zero and temperatures are generally extremely pleasant, except during the two months of mid-summer, when they can reach very high levels. The following data have been compiled from daily statistics from 2006 to the present day, and are updated at the end of every month.

In Marsa Alam, there is often wind present during the day; during the evening hours it decreases significantly. At every beach umbrella, there is a screen to shield guests from the wind.
From April to November, sea temperatures are pleasant; during the other months you can enjoy wonderful snorkeling using one of the light wetsuits that are available for rent at the diving center.
Humidity, meanwhile, is always rather low, reducing the perception of heat and likewise the degree of perspiration. With these conditions, it is extremely important to remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty.
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