Gorgonia’s10-Year Anniversary – Biologist

Gorgonia Beach is a resort that overlooks one of the world’s most beautiful seas, the Red Sea. One of Gorgonia’s main objectives is to protect and raise awareness of the surrounding nature. To successfully achieve its objectives, the resort has an on-site biologist. Why a biologist? Because a biologist can show and tell you about things that are rare or unusual. His expertise allows you to understand and appreciate the importance and the beauty of nature, not only as an observer but also as an integral part of it.

The Red Sea is known as “The aquarium of Allah”, but unlike an aquarium where the fish are always the same, the scenery here is constantly changing. No one can tell which creatures will come out from behind the coral, float on the surface, or sit camouflaged on the seabed. The trained eye of the biologist can identify all of these animals and recognise the homes and habits of the reef’s inhabitants, thereby revealing many small mysteries of life underwater.

Let’s not forget the thrilling experience of snorkelling after-dark! Some guests can be a little intimidated as they get into the water, fearful of the darkness and the unknown, but after just a few seconds, every worry is forgotten as they let themselves be carried away by the nocturnal life of the coral reef. Nocturnal fish can be seen waking up, while the daytime fish head for the corals to rest after a long day. You will quickly realise that the reef is full of tiny spying eyes that belong to shrimps and crabs coming out of their burrows.

Even guests that do not get into the water will have the chance to discover the fascinating underwater world by participating in the evening meetings with the biologist, where many of the wonders that surround the resort will be uncovered.

The protection of our planet is likewise a focal point in the biologist’s life. Here at Gorgonia Beach, we organise periodic beach clean-ups– something that our guests are very enthusiastic about. Armed with bags and gloves, we head out to ensure that our beaches are always clean so that guests can have the best time during their stay. A biologist also knows how to behave respectfully in the water and ensures that the wonderful underwater environment remains pristine.

We then switch to wearing sandals and sunglasses to discover mangroves; trees that live in extreme conditions submerged in salt water. Our guests can see how mangroves live, the particular habitat they create, how they offer shelter for many animals, and how they become a visiting spot for migratory birds in spring and autumn.

But there’s more to Gorgonia than the sea! The biologist also escorts our guests into the desert of Wadi el Gemal National Park. Here you will quickly realise that the desert is not a big space, but rather a fascinating place where one can achieve inner peace. In the desert, there are several plants used by the Ababda Bedouin population for healing and as sustenance for themselves and their animals. You can see dromedary camels, foxes, hares, birds, and insects.

You can spend a morning hiking to a small mountaintop, where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea and the mountains, or take an afternoon hike with dinner under a million stars. Words cannot describe all of this; it needs to be experienced firsthand so that the images, sounds, and smells of these places can forever remain in your heart.